Pain Treatments

Dr. Slon offers a wide range of pain management treatments and has a multi-disciplinary approach, working with selected psychologists, physiotherapists, drug & alcohol and psychiatry colleagues where beneficial to the patient.

Generally, treatments can be divided into:

  • Medical treatments - the use of medications.
  • Interventional treatments - injections or similar treatments.
  • Rehabilitation - strengthening the body and learning how to do things differently to cope better. Often involves physiotherapy and psychology.

Many patients are treated with a mixture of the above methods.

The following treatments and procedures are available from Dr. Slon:

Radiofrequency denervation is a treatment procedure used to treat joint pain by interrupting the nerve supply to a painful joint. This is used most commonly for facet joint pain. 

Interventions for cancer pain may include coeliac plexus block for pancreatic cancer or spinal catheter systems for other forms of cancer pain.

Rehabilitation includes ‘non-medical’ treatment aimed at restoring function and promoting self–management and exercise. This includes collaboration with psychologists and physiotherapists to strengthen weakened muscles and overcome fears and other psychological barriers

Medications – Medication rationalisation, including opioid co-management, with in-patient dose reduction, where indicated. Neuropathic or nerve-related pain has specific medication prescribed to treat it. Sometimes, patients may need to be admitted for intravenous medications to be administered.

Joint or Nerve blocks can be used to either confirm a diagnosis of a painful joint (e.g. an arthritic facet joint has the nerves to it blocked), or to treat it (e.g. a sacroiliac joint steroid injection)

Sympathetic Nerve Blocks are sometimes performed to treat certain pain conditions e.g. complex regional pain syndrome.