Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens at the initial consultation?

You will need a medical referral to see Dr. Slon.  The initial consultation is usually one hour and much ground is covered, which may seem intrusive, but necessary personal information is needed to form a complete assessment of your condition. Please bring with you all recent x-rays, scans and medical test results.  Full medical confidentiality is assured.

Will my treatment involve strong painkillers?

It is now widely recognised that many patients have been started on morphine-like medication in the past with little benefit. It is also more increasingly recognised that these medicines can in fact cause a lot of harm. All patients will be evaluated to see if they should be on this type of medication or not. Surprisingly, it is not as hard to come off these medications, as most people believe. Medications for nerve pain are often underutilised but these can be prescribed where necessary.

What sorts of injection treatments are available?

There are three basic types of injection treatment offered by Dr Slon, most often for spinal pain:

  1. The first treatment is a set of test or diagnostic injections to see if you could benefit from a more long-lasting set of injections.
  2. Radio Frequency Denervation (RFD) is a technique commonly used to treat pain from the spinal facet joints. This treatment involves placing a needle next to the relevant nerves and cauterising them. This treatment is only offered after diagnostic or test injections have been performed.
  3. Steroid injections are sometimes offered for nerve pain coming from the spine (sciatica) or for pain from some of the joints of the spine. No joint is injected more than twice a year. 

Will I need to see other doctors as well?

After a thorough evaluation, you may need to be seen by another specialist or health professional, e.g. it may be decided that you need to see a surgeon or a physiotherapist.

Modern pain specialists usually work in close co-operation with psychologists, because many patients are often depressed by their situation, and also, psychologists can help patients to adapt and cope better.

How much does it cost?

The fee for a consultation varies depending on the amount of time required. This fee will be provided on application.

Payment must be made on the day of the consultation.

If you are a DVA health card holder or have WorkCover or TAC approval to see Dr Slon, the fee is payable by your insurer and no payment is required on the day.