Acute pain is usually the result of an injury, illness or surgery and is related to tissue damage, which usually heals so that the pain subsides and disappears. 

However in some cases this doesn’t happen and the result is ongoing or chronic pain, despite the tissues having healed. Often this form of pain is undertreated or poorly treated but this need not be the case. 

A thorough assessment by a Pain Specialist will identify treatable aspects of any given pain condition, and also indicate factors which may be making the situation worse.

Dr. Slon takes a holistic approach to treating and managing acute and chronic pain where a wide range of factors is considered, well beyond just the pain itself. 


With a comprehensive and thorough approach to pain medicine and to his patients, Dr. Slon aims to treat both primary problems and any secondary complications. Taking a conservative and considered view of his patient’s condition he offers only treatments that have evidence to support their application.

Working with carefully chosen colleagues from other disciplines, including physiotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical professionals, he is able to offer a combined medical and holistic solution to pain management. 

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